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  1. Cleo3

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    Hi, oh I'm okay, trying not to cry. I can't believe this all of you made a point of saying hi, without even knowing if I was ever coming back or what or not even knowing me. That reallymeans alot. I'm fighting myself that I shouldn't need this, that it's not okay, because I should just be over it and I should be okay by now. And I am just a mess. I'm okay, just emotional and upset. I wish I could just be okay! I wish I didn't feel like I need somuch support right now. I'm beating myself up about it. Sorry i don't know what i'm saying. But thanks. I am here.
  2. Hi, I'm new here too. I just wanted to say hi, I wish I could say more. But I'm pretty down at the moment and finding it hard to talk to people. I'll be okay, I just need a bit of time. Hope everyone is doing okay. : )
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