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  1. I just can't deal with the cult thing right now want to implode. All my siblings abused, all broken. So unfair can't deal today.

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    2. crushedflower
    3. EmptyInside


      Sitting with you during this especially tough time x It’s hard to consider the suffering of siblings... my situation and experience is completely different but at the same time... i think my awareness of a sibling who was suffering a lot with their mental health and because of what we endured growing up.... that hurts me way more than any of my own pain. He was younger than me... I should have been looking out for him better and I should have stopped things from happening to him but I was too wrapped in my own problems at the time. Now he has fled to another country and who knows if i’ll see him again. I miss him so much and I regret I can’t take his pain away because I definitely would in an instant.

    4. Free2Fly


      Safe hugs :hug: if ok?

      hope your okay friend.

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