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  1. welcome to the site, good to meet you. Ruby x
  2. don't worry about mistakes, I make a ton of 'em Welcome to the site, hope you find what you're looking for. Ruby x
  3. I hope you find the support that you are looking for Ruby x
  4. C.O.W.! welcome back hon I'm glad you came back Ruby x
  5. Fabulous underwear makes me feel good about myself, even if no-one else is gonna see it! And lipgloss
  6. Hello, Welcome! I hope you find the safety and support you are looking for. Ruby
  7. Quilley

    Hi All!

    Hi Delia Welcome to AS
  8. nice to meet you, I hope you find the support you are seeking here. This is a great bunch of people Take gentle care
  9. i needed that right now...thankyou
  10. Quilley


    Hey banditcase welcome to AS Ruby x
  11. Quilley

    I Am New

    Hi Nerfmom, welcome to AS Ruby x
  12. Hi Azaria Welcome to AS Ruby x
  13. Hello babygirlsgone Welcome to AS Ruby x
  14. Hi Beth Welcome to AS x
  15. Quilley

    New Here

    Hi Talon, welcome to AS
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