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  1. Hi ~ I Am New

  2. Hello!

  3. *waves Hello*

  4. Hi! I'm New!

  5. Hi. I'm New.

    welcome to the site, good to meet you. Ruby x
  6. Hi Everyone...

    don't worry about mistakes, I make a ton of 'em Welcome to the site, hope you find what you're looking for. Ruby x
  7. Introduction

    I hope you find the support that you are looking for Ruby x
  8. Reintroducing Myself

    C.O.W.! welcome back hon I'm glad you came back Ruby x
  9. Good Morning

  10. Hi Im New

    ruby x
  11. Loving Our Bodies, Loving Ourselves

    Fabulous underwear makes me feel good about myself, even if no-one else is gonna see it! And lipgloss
  12. A Chance To Reach Out

    Hello, Welcome! I hope you find the safety and support you are looking for. Ruby
  13. Hi All!

    Hi Delia Welcome to AS
  14. Hullo Hullo!i'm New To The Site

    nice to meet you, I hope you find the support you are seeking here. This is a great bunch of people Take gentle care
  15. Liberation Was There...

    i needed that right now...thankyou