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  1. (((( Heather! )))) Thanks so very much for these very valuable and helpfull healing methods and tips!...So true and powerful!...puts things into perspective and helps guide us all, in our healing-process-journey!! You are a very strong survivor!!!...full of hope, courage, dignity and you are an inspiration to me!...thank you again for this!!! Chantalxxxxxxx
  2. Hi John and everyone here! Its been happenning me too for about 1 week...but its been happening since I changed my password in my account last week...before that it was working fine!...could it be related to the changing of my password?...I find it odd that I had no problems what's so ever before-hand! Thanks for the reply and for checking for what the problem could be John!!!
  3. Bluepaint You at the right place here amongst friends and I'm so glad that you are still alive and want to live sweetie!...we are all here for you to support you and help you out hun!
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