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  1. ars86

    Um Hi

    Welcome to AS Robin! Ashley
  2. Hi Nicki Welcome to AS, Good Luck! Ashley
  3. welcome i'm a midwestern myself good to have you Ashley
  4. ars86

    Hi :)

    hello and welcome i stubbled upon this place three days ago it is nice here Ashley
  5. ars86


    Thanks a lot I am so glad I found all of you I'm so sorry for what you have all been through but I am finally starting breakdown and I'm in need of a lot of support. I don't think I can be so strong anymore so please be don't get annoyed with me. :unsure:
  6. ars86


    thanks guys it is nice to be welcomed with such opened arms. As I get more familiar with everthing that is here i'm sure we'll get to know each other better
  7. Hi there i still blame myself too...maybe we will get a chance to talk everyone always says its "not your fault" but I cant quench the blame
  8. hi sorry about the event that has brought you here. this is my first day here so i am trying to get to know the place but i think it is going to become home soon. take care hun. this is a tough time i know. Ashley
  9. Hey I am new too and have no clue where to start or when to start all i know is i need friends who truly know what is going on. so hopefully i"ll talk to you later Ashley
  10. ars86


    Hey I hope this is how you post i really don't know but I wanted to say hi to everyone and i look forward to what this site could mean for me I don't know how ready i am to talk but i wan to try so I'll get to know you all soon enough Ashley
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