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  1. Brotherof8


    It's good to have you back, kiddo.
  2. Your wait is over, check out the Healing Through Creativity boards. Don't get your hopes up, really isn't that great.
  3. Could do, not that great, nothing to write home about. Will see if Vera can get it to a place where others can hear.
  4. Alright will see what I can do. Of course it's my own composition or I wouldn't want to be posting it, I understand the concern of copyright issues though. Will see if I can make it work.
  5. In the healing through creativity I tried posting a song but it says that type of file isn't allowed. Is there a list somewhere of what type of files are acceptable?
  6. Welcome, sorry for what has brought you here, but I'm sure you'll be finding a lot of support and folks coming along side you to help you in your journey.
  7. Welcome, hope you find the support you need here. I've only been around a couple days and have already found these forums to be extremely helpful... even if I don't write anything.
  8. Based on circumstances beyond my control, I'm being forced into dealing with what happened some years ago. Hoping to help my son in the process. If I can say, it's 'nice' to see other men around. Thought I was alone for many a year, which I see now isn't the case. Cooper
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