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  1. girls do rape...i was raped by men and women. but a lot of ppl do not understand this. they think rape is a man related activity...not so and i am sure some of the ppl in here would miss u. as far as nightmares go....those really suck, though not as much as flashbacks...those are reallllllyyyyy though
  2. having gone through what i went through i can definetly understand how that goes. my father, to this day, is in denial. he believes i made it up to get attention. and he has scolded me so many times for making it all up. he makes me doubt it happened all together (then i look at the physical scars and remember how i got em and that's never good) my mom, in turn, blames herself. she took care of me most of the time. she'd barely leave me alone...and this happened. her blaming herself has lead to her not wanting to see me suffer, so it's common to hear her say "get over it already". i know,
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