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  1. Welcome...I too wish I had found it sooner.....we're newbies together on this site, so please PM if you want to talk. I wish you the best.
  2. wow.....thank you all so much for the support. you are all wonderful.. If only one thing comes out of this, I hope that I can in turn to help someone else with my experience. Thank you for the words of encouragement.
  3. Hello.....new here.. I already posted my story in the Share your Story forum...I was so eager to get it out. I'm still coming to terms with things in my life and I'm angry that I am on here and a part of all of this. Angry at society and my rapist. Angry that I have to live with this. Angry that I pushed it all away for 10 years and NOW it comes back into my life when I have a family and a great life. Angry at my mom for making me feel like if I ever told her I would get in trouble. I'm just angry. But i'm thankful for for all of you and for this place and for the anonimity. I'm t
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