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  1. welcome welcome....feel free to add me or message me or whatever anytime..ttyl
  2. welcome to AS..hope u find some suport on here that u need....if u need anything..feel free to pm me see u around
  3. again thanx to u all and see u all around
  4. hello and welcome..Im kinda new here myself but evreyones been nice and suportive...if u need anything message me.
  5. thanx evreyone for being so welcoming see u all around
  6. Hello all, Im a survivor, I am a survivor of many diffrent types of SA ,Im 16, Im female, I resently descuverd these online survivor sites and think thier a wonderfull thing, tho I knew I was not the only person to exsprince these unfrochint events I did FEEL alone, I love wrighting poetry, music is my life, I recently has been trying to let go of old frindes and make better ones, Im a recovering substance abuser,and a recovering SI,I have many mental disorders most on set by my SA,most of the time Im confused,I am a dork (and love it), Im uesed to being the suporter to all my friends and Im n
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