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    I enjoy drawing, using chalk in my art, Painting, comics like strangers in paradise, reading and listening to music. I am a Vegetarian who love to cook and eat.

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  1. My hurt child inside says: She picked you over me. (I still don't know why...) My other thought: I don't need you, leave. And then there is: Your god won't save you. But I have just started to work on healing... give me time and I will think of better ways to use my 5 words.
  2. This is a very moving post. It says a lot to me about where I am and where I one day would like to be. For me I struggle the most with accepting (forgiving?) myself for not doing more at the time of the abuse. One person wrote about the fact that they did not act the first time and how it helped the abuser feel the power to come back a second time. This is the darkest part of my heart... I did not do enough to stop what was happening to me. My husband and I have gone over this time and time again, and while I can wrap my mind around the fact that I was a child and acted as most children would in that place... my heart will not allow me to forgive the child who let it happen a second time before speaking up. I struggle with the fact that I was not a person who was told that others would be hurt or not love me... there were no words exchanged. But still I did not say anything... not until the second time. How do you move what your head knows to your heart? What do I need to do to find peace with this part of the anger/guilt/pain? I don't think I can start to heal until I allow this child in my heart to find peace with herself... I can't seem to forgive her/me I let it happen, I did not stop it and the guilt/ shame is eating me alive.
  3. Been Away For A While...

    Thank you everyone, for the warm welcome. Glad to be back.
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been here for a while... I let my busy life and school keep me away. It feels good to be back. I just read about the online radio... I think that is wonderful and something I could really get in to. I let the saddness fill my heart the last time I checked in here and I think that is why I took so long to come back. I hope all is well for everyone. See you around, Forme
  5. What Did You Do For You Today?

    took the time to flatiron my curly hair... sing it with me "I feel pretty..."
  6. I'm Not Sure If Men Belong Here

    Hi caleb... We are glad to have you here... I hope you look around. You will find other men here and a lot of support.
  7. Hi

    Hi Ive only been here a few days... but I look forward to the time I can be here. It has given me hope and a little peace. I hope you find what you need here. Everyone is so nice and understanding. Good luck
  8. New

    This is only day 2 here for me and I can tell you it really has made a diff for me. I hope you can find some peace here. Everyone is so warm and kind... you will see. Take care... we will get through this.
  9. "hi" From The Back Of The Room

    many thanks to all of you... it's nice to have such a nice & warm welcome.
  10. "hi" From The Back Of The Room

    Thank you both for being so sweet. I will take all you say to heart... Hugs welcomed here I will be talking with you soon...
  11. That's were I sit... the back of the room in the corner... it's easy to hind behind everyone and you don't have to talk when you sit in the back. But today I am going to push myself to say something... so "HI" to all you brave people. This is my second step forward... I made it to the doctor's and am now reading the book suggested... and now you all are my second step. It's all been scary. I cry alot, I shake alot... and I eat alot. But I know I have to keep moving forward because I want to live life ... not just walk through it. I plain on telling my story in time... but for now... know I am here in the corner saying hi.