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  1. When judgment day finally comes, May God have Mercy on your very sick soul! May He wipe away all your sin and let you rest in peace. May each one you injured find comfort in your passing, that they may begin to heal.
  2. Welcome JustDawn! I'm a newbie here too and I have to say, these members are very caring and their words of wisdom are soothing to the soul. I am a survivor of childhood molestation. I was 11 when my brother in law violated me and I am now almost 39. Many painful years, but finally I made it here! Support groups are wonderful. I am also a member of AA and have learned that as scary as it may be, I must open the door and begin to trust again. It's so hard. So, I've chosen to be on my way to healing and I'm proud of that. Stay connected.
  3. Hi. My name is Devon and I'm a molestation survivor. I'm also an alcoholic and addict if you can't already tell by opening "hello." So, I'm glad to be here and am ready to begin my journey. I know from my other support group that I can't do it alone. It's funny how I've tried that with my abuse as well as my alcohol dependency and found the truth in it. It never worked. So is why I am here. I have tried numerous times to revisit my past on this subject to make it all well and good again. It never went away and I'm learning now to accept that it never will. Now it's time for me to try
  4. Hi there. I'm new to aftersilence too. I'm just posting my notes in hope for a response too. I want to be able to chat live so I guess the work must be done.
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