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  1. This is GREAT, I'll spread the word to my survivor friends!!
  2. Hi, Everyone! I got an email the last month just checking in on me, and I appreciate it so much! Life has been busy to say the least...and lots of triggers going on...not specifically regarding my CSA, but the way it changed me. Thanks for being here!
  3. Hi, Teardrop! I'm back after a long time away. I hope you will find comfort here, as no one understands like those who've been through what we have. The stories are all different, but the pain is the same. Take care & blessings to ya!
  4. Thank you so much, (((lacrymosa))) I'm happy to be able to help you think differently about your sister's 'graduation'...I'm so sorry for your loss. It is my belief that when our loved ones go onto Heaven, it IS a graduation of sorts. They've lived the life they were meant to live, and remain in our hearts forever. They are forever healed of any pain or sorrow or afflictions they lived with here. I am the person I am today as a result of my sorrows, and along the way I've learned what true unconditional love is. I'm working on loving myself....something I think all survivors struggle with. (((apple81)))Thank you for your sweet comments! My older brother was my abuser as well, and we are 'preacher's kids' and I think that made it worse. I finally told my therapist about 5 years ago, and we've done lots of work on my feelings. (((bluesky))) Thanks for the welcome! I've collected angels since my little one and that's where I got the name. I also adore babies and kids, and enjoy babysitting when I can. Blessings to you all, and see ya around!
  5. I'm a 51yo survivor of SA, and have only in the past few years realized the impact of my childhood experiences on my entire life. I'm in therapy, and have worked on many issues and I've healed tremendously over the past few years. I'm also the mother of a son who is almost 27 years old, and is living overseas right now, spreading his wings, and getting away from the people and places here that he needs to get away from. It's a long story, but he barely got past a two year probation for what could have been 5 years in prison, and relocated in April. I dearly love him, and pray constantly that he will take control of his life in a better way. I also had a little girl, who lived for 11 years, she was born with severe Cerebral Palsy. She was and still is, my angel. She 'graduated' to Heaven 15 years ago in November. Thanks for being here, and I'll see you around! Blessings to you all, AngelkeeperJ
  6. Hi, I'm new here, too. I hope to see you around! AngelkeeperJ
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