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    Learning to thrive again.

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    S.E. usa
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    history, dancing, anita blake novels and anything else i like to read, hello kitty, chess, desi music, learning about life, cooking and helping others.

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  1. Hi all, I am a college student, ex nurse, booktore customer service representative that dances on the side. My story of survival is in the share your story section,. I ve been floating in and out here for a couple of weeks and just figured I should introduce my self. I was married this May on the 7th to the love of my life. I have no kids but mabey one day we will adopt. In between work and school, I am also the home care provider for my mother. I have a cat named "pony" thats just cute as a button who is presently trying to take over my keyboard. Thanku all for being here, its very nice t
  2. mainly here in the south: "girl up my sistas"
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