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  1. I went into the "share my story" section and after reading how supportive everyone seemed to be and how fast I really need to take action in my life I put my story there... Its so much easier telling people who might know what I am going through and that I dont feel will judge me. Thank you for the support that I am feeling after only being here for a few hours... I just hope this courage stays with me.
  2. Hello- An online friend told me about this site. She said it might be good to see that others may be dealing with a situation like mine. I have never told anyone about anything that is going on in my life except for her and I really dont know her either but when I told her or actually emailed it to her I felt like a little of the weight was lifted off me. So she thought this site might be good for me. She is trying to get me to contact RAINN but I have not yet. I have a lot to lose if I call as I am sure many of you do. I am not sure what to do from here but I hope I can get some suggestio
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