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  1. jctt

    Hello Forum

    teazle, love your 'slinky people' sig. Met a few like that. I said this to my sister the other day and she loved it - life is wonderful. I just wish the wonderful life was happening to me.
  2. jctt

    Hello Forum

    hey John, I browse using Opera mini 4.0 had no trouble accessing any site except of course those using flash. Maybe the char limit is due to the fact that my phone is pretty ancient ie not 3G
  3. jctt

    Hello Forum

    thanx for the warm welcome!
  4. hello all, new here hmm how did you know? want to say HI! and explain my multiple posts - apologies but due to several technical difficulties ie I don't have an internet connection on my PC - I have to connect via my mobile phone. Fine to browse but sadly limited to 450 char when posting. So pls forgive me. I want to say nice to be here but that sounds weird. It's a relief?
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