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  1. Welcome to After Silence. If you'd like to talk, feel free to PM me. Take care ♥Jess
  2. Hello and welcome to after silence. You will meet some wonderful people on here. I hope you feel at home very soon. Jess♥
  3. Hey Caleb! Welcome to A.S! I hope you feel at home here soon. Jess<3
  4. Hi Jctt! Welcome to A.S. I am also new here, but I hope you feel at home soon! <3 Jess
  5. Thank you guys very much.. It means a lot to me. <3
  6. Okay, so hey. I'm obviouslly new here.. I'm Jess. I just turned fourteen. I was first molestd in fourth grade by my neighbor. The second time was over a three-month period by my boyfriend in fifth grade. The last three times were by my cousin in seventh grade. My girlfriend reccomended I come to this site because I have been having trouble moving on with my life. Thanks for listening. <3
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