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  1. welcome to AS. we will listen and believe you and try to understand. willow xxx
  2. welcome to AS. im glad it has helped you already. please dont ever think your story is beyond belief, cos it isnt to us. ok? willow xxx
  3. welcome to AS! talk in ur own time, we will listen, we will believe you, and we will do our best to understand, though we cant guarantee that. lol! willow xxx
  4. hey, im confident that you will find what you couldnt find at the other site here at AS. welcome to our little world! willow xxx
  5. welcome to AS hunni. dont worry, its scary for all of us at first, but you will soon feel like you belong. ppl here are wonderful like you could never imagine. please feel free to post as much or as little and as often and as rarely as you like. and, if you can, chat is a wonderful way to whiel away the hours you dont thing you can get through. i hope you find as much comfort in this board as i have. we love you already! willow xxx
  6. yay! welcome back heathbar!! willow xxx
  7. welll, youll be glad to ehar you will never be alone again with us. welcome to AS glad you found us, sorry you needed to. willow xxx
  8. welcome to AS! (((((((((((((((((((((((DeeplyHidden))))))))))))))))))))))))))) dont worry about being shy, its a common result of the terrors we have been through. lots of ppl are shy here to start with. when i first found this site, i found it easier to open up by reading other ppls posts and replying and explaining how i can relate to them. take a look around, read posts, take your time. you will soon see that we are all friends here. no1 will judge you or hurt you, and we will always always believe you, whatever yor story, however much of it you choose tio share and when. feel free
  9. yup! not having anyone to talk to, even your best friends, is perfectly normal. oh, and welcome to the site. i'm really glad you found us , but really sorry you needed to . i only have one person in my non-internet life that i can talk to, my bf. he's great. i was very very lucky to find him. before him i had no1 for 20 years, like you didn't. i say you didn't rather than you don't, because you do now, cos you have us! hope you get everything you need out of the site! oh, i like smilies, can you tell? lots of love, willow xxx
  10. ok, well, i guess the title pretty much says the main reason why i'm here. the man involved was my father. my biological father. not my adoptive father or my foster father, or my stepfather, my bio father. somehow that makes it seem worse to some ppl. it does to me. i'm 20. i live in south yorkshire, england. i'm just starting university to do a degree in biomedical science. i recently realised i'm never going to be free from this hideous past until i tell my relatives about what he did to me. and this is going to be so incredibly hard for me. i know i'm going to lose my brother. he
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