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    Surfing, swimming, running, reading, drinking, partying

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  1. Hello jctt, Welcome
  2. "so why didn't you stop it?" Police officer when I was 9
  3. Beth19


    Hi Lacrymosa, well your officially my first contact with the AS world. And if the rest of them are like you im sure i'll feel at home in no time. Thanks for the welcome
  4. Beth19


    Hi, im Beth, im 19 and live in Australia. Hard this introduction thing isnt it? Not too sure yet what brings me here but had some things happen recenty which have brought back a lot of bad memories i thought i was putting behind me. Or at least convinced myself were behind me! I'm not very good at opening up and expressing how I feel so please forgive me if I am a bit blunt or just making wise cracks (which on occaisions can actually be amusing). But now im rambling so i guess this is enough of an introduction for now...
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