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  1. mazing


    Hi Liz, welcome to the forum. It is fantastic that you have a good support system behind you and there are a lot of people here who I am sure will do all they can to support you as well! Please keep posting when you feel comfortable (if ok?)
  2. I know exactly what you mean from modding another board, and I don't think anyone is trying to say there is a 'mod mafia' (or at least not in this thread). It comes down to the fact that mods are seen as authority and some people are worried with that and don't trust any form of authority. The mods here are all fantastic and I would never hesitate going to them but there are some who will feel uncomfortable with authority figures of any sort. They've had bad experiences with them which makes them very hesitant to put forward ideas and risk being 'shot down', even if it logically won't happen -
  3. On another board I am a member of, we have a group of members (approved group) who will contact mods on behalf of other members if they feel uncomfortable. They can act as the go-between and keep issues private and anonymous if needed. Maybe something like that could work? It removes the mod 'power' stigma and issues of contacting them directly (the mods are great, but still can be seen as authority which upsets some people, especially on a recovery board) but means the issues are still taken to them and dealt with.
  4. welcome to the forum Tamara! This is a great forum with some very supportive members who I am sure will do all they can to help you. Please continue posting when you feel comfortable doing so, and if you ever want to talk please let me know I am always happy to listen.
  5. welcome to the forum! As Sara said, this is a very supportive forum with some great members who will do all they can to help. You definitely don't have to be alone (if ok?) Please continue posting when you feel comfortable doing so.
  6. I know there is a way to do it - I have seen it on other IP boards, and I think it is a great idea. While I don't mind approaching the mods directly I know it can be a hard thing for some people and a way to discuss things and remain anonymous sounds good. The only major problem could be if it turns into a way to 'bash' the mods without them knowing who wrote the comment.
  7. (if ok?). Welcome to the forum Hun. You are definitely not alone here. I am sorry to hear it is so hard but even saying that much is a great accomplishment. Be gentle with yourself, and please feel free to continue posting here when you feel comfortable to do so. There are some amazing people here who are willing to help in any way possible.
  8. Welcome to the forum John! This a really great place with some amazing people. Please do keep posting when you feel comfortable! Katie
  9. Haha, thanks I'm 19 so legal in Australia. But still prefer popcorn ;) Thanks!
  10. Welcome to the forums! It really is a great place with a lot of amazing people. And your name would originally be from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky I think. (thank 12th grade English . I used it as a supporting text) http://www.jabberwocky.com/carroll/jabber/jabberwocky.html
  11. mazing


    Hey Adrian, welcome to the forum. I hope you find support here You are right that there are amazing people here. Healing - it really depends on what you define as 'healed'. It is possible to have a normal life and be happy, but the memories never leave. Hope to see you around
  12. mazing


    Welcome to the forum Pauline. I really hope that you get the support you need here There are some amazing people here so please keep posting when you feel comfortable! Katie
  13. Hi, I just noticed my partners AS account when she was replying. She has an attachments option beneath the reply box. I don't have that. I also went to my profile and can't find any way to attach documents/photos. I know that I have uploaded things before but can't work it out now. Is this a bug? Could someone point me in the right direction on what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  14. Glad it was only a mix up And also happy that you are hanging around - this is a great board. One of the best support ones I have found.
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