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  1. New Here

    Hi Welcome to AS
  2. Hello

    This is a good caring site need ay help just pm me linda
  3. Where Are You All From?

    Im in the UK linda
  4. New

    hi megp822 linda
  5. I Got An Idea

    hi jess good idea count me in. linda
  6. Where Do I Start?

    Hi Havinameltdown welcome and here to help. linda
  7. New, Confused, And So Full Of Questions

    Hi Daniel and i hope it helps you. linda
  8. Hello From Still

    Hi Still Welcome to AS linda
  9. Hello To You All!

    Hi and welcome to AS. linda
  10. Hello

    Hi and welcome to AS, we are here if you need it just pm anytime if you wanna talk. linda
  11. Hi I'm New

    Hi Jack Welcome to AS, take your time writing your story its not easy thing to do but it will get easier as you get to now AS and the ppl that care about all. linda
  12. Hi

    Hi and welcome to AS just take your time and it will be ok. linda
  13. Okay.

    (((((((((((Kira)))))))))))))) AS is a good place to start to get help, just take your time. linda
  14. I'm new here

    Welcome to AS linda xx
  15. I'm new here

    Welcome to AS lindaxx