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  1. welcome....it comes with timejust deal with what u remember....most of the times we arent given more to remember than we can handle.....never b sorry...and welcome again
  2. Hello and welcome and I wish you my positive thoughts on ur road to healing...
  3. Okay maybe not a lifetime, but it sure feels it. I haven't been on this site in quite some time so I thought it would be a good thing to reintroduce myself. I use to come in and chat here, and gather support but than my relationship got increasingly worse and I was unable to continue on the road of healing so I stuffed it all back in the closet and went on my merry way. Although it was not very merry. The relationship has finally ended and I am starting my life over again after waking up from the fog and in starting over I have discovered that not everything was stuffed as well as I'd of l
  4. I'm newer so don't remember u from the past (oviously lol)....but i'm glad to see ur back and hope we can help......if ya ever need someone to talk to let me knonw!
  5. Hello's are a great place to start. Welcome to the group! Lu
  6. luseal


    Hey Nat Welcome to the group, i'm still new and found it nerve racking to be on here also..but turned out they are great people on here and I'm glad I came! Hope u find the same thing! Lu
  7. Hey Devon, its nice to meet you! I found ur message very honest and a good place for u to start. Anything I can do to help u on ur path please let me know? *hugs* Lu
  8. Hi-de-ho Welcome to a group that i have found to be wonderful in the last week that i've been here. Hope you find the same good support that I have.....and hope to get to know u better...*hugs* Amanda
  9. Hi welcome to AS, and to a bunch of wonderful people. I'm new here to and have found many kind words....and I'm sure u will to! Take care of yourself, Amanda
  10. I like the bunny myself...lol Welcome to the board, always nice to see someone newer than me lol... Hope to get to know u
  11. Hello, welcome..nice to meet u!
  12. Thanks Holly and Jo, I am starting to feel a lil more comfortable with each post. I thought I was almost done with the healing process, but maybe there is no actual end and maybe i was a lil more in denial than I wanted to admitt....but as holly's side bar say's..one day at a time And I am glad I found you all......even if I find it sad that there are so many other survivors out there.....Sometimes I wish I was alone in the battle, because it would of ment no one eles got hurt..... Off to try and get another hr or two of sleep before the next time I wake up... p.s. hugs are always acce
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