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    One big hello

    Haley, Welcome! 10 yrs that's awesome, congratulations! Wishing you inner peace.
  2. Hi Mary. Welcome to After Silence. Glad you found you're way here but sorry you have reason to be here. Know we are here for you and you are not alone. Be gentle with yourself.
  3. Welcome oicuron2, I have been very slowly working out of "The Courage To Heal Workbook" and find it really an amazing book. I am using it w/my therapist. I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time right now. The moments become more manageable as time passes and we grow, becoming stronger within ourselves. Go at your own pace in the book-put it down as needed. Be gentle with yourself(((oicuron2)))
  4. Welcome to after silence. You will find wonderful support here:)
  5. phoenyx

    Hi Everyone

    Hi FT welcome to the forum. I'm glad you found you're way here. This is great site. Very supportive:)
  6. Beyondthepale,Vera,Haullie.Lindy, Please accept my apology for the posting i made. should have vented elsewhere on the board and in a different way word wize. I really am sorry All of you, and for anyone else who may have read it. forgive me? And Welcome to the group BTP! [Edited on 7-1-04 by phoenyx]
  7. Welcome MiChya. I hope you call RAINN or visit them through their website. NO-ONE deserves to go through what you are experiencing. You are deserving of a safe place to be and I wish you well.(((Hugs))) I am glad you did find your way here. You are a courageous person with a strong spirit. Always remember you are the innocent in this. Never allow anyone to silence the voice you have found- let it become stronger.
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    Ann,welcome to the forum-this is a wonderfully supportive site.
  9. phoenyx


    Welcome to the group:) Patterns and congratulations for being so courageous by breaking the cycle of silence. It is a monumental feat.
  10. phoenyx


    Welcome to the group-this is a very supportive and caring group of people-i'm glad you found your way in here. Please don't be a stranger. My story is under: my survivor story-phoenyx.
  11. welcome to you raisangrrl ) [Edited on 12/18/2003 by Lindy]
  12. my name is phoenyx and i am new just wanted 2 intro myselve- hi 2 all. look forward 2 getting 2 know you. Peace in Healing Blessings to all Phoenyx
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