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  1. Out of curiosity, what would happen if a secondary contributed? Would the tag remain 'secondary' because the 'contributing member' one would have a lot of extra permissions attached to it?
  2. Being the partner, a screenshot looks like this:
  3. Dandylion


    Hi Courtney - welcome to AS! I really hope you find the answers you're looking for around here (if ok).
  4. Thanks Hun... will do!! (I'll try to get my Sweetheart over there too--- you can teach him a few things ) Hehe, go for it. Don't know if I can teach him anything but I'm always up for more perspectives .
  5. Hey you! Welcome to AS! I'm really glad you joined Orchid...and pretty please come visit me in Secondary Survivors sometimes .
  6. Meanie! Hi!!!! :D welcome!! And I get a hug!! Yay!! *joins in on the mad people crash-tackle hug* Yay! And Steph gets 2 hugs? If steph gets 2 hugs why don't I get 2? I want 2 How come I always have to be the meanie?! And I'll give you another hug if you want Hun .
  7. Hey Hun . Welcome...have you had a look around at all? (And be warned...this thread's a little crazy).
  8. Hey you!!!! Welcome to AS .
  9. Hey you!!!!! *mad people crash-tackle hug* How are you doing? Welcome to my thread of randomness and mushrooms . ...and what if I want 2 hugs? And we like arguing over the small things...we're too similar to argue over anything else! Really, welcome Hun .
  10. I don't mean to be mean to you . I just promised to always be honest...and this is honest.
  11. I don't need to take it away from you...it's already mine .
  12. Mushrooms are nice, they don't throw octopus and cake at you. Your both crazy Insane Nat. i.n.s.a.n.e. Not crazy . And I don't think I threw and octopus of cake at you...I think. We can blame Katie for that . You're the second most insane-estest person. I'm first!
  13. Dandylion


    Nat!!!!!! *giant hug* Welcome . And I'll vouch for them if you want...they're very supportive and less scary than Katie and I . (Although truthfully, I'd be nervous if I were you...you keep joining all the same boards we're on )
  14. Hehe, you make a good point. Still, I think they'd prefer to be eaten than to be called 'icky' like *someone* was doing . It's nice to meet you kgrey . I think a welcome is in order for you too .
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