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    I have quite a few interest. Dancing, lactchooking,reading, watching movies, listening to all types of music,bowling, spending time with family and hanging out with my friend. Which I do once a week.

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  1. Here are two I can think of. "Just go up and leave it on the alter and give it to God......" Imagine how i felt after doing so over and over and over again yet still dealing with the same issues. Why didn't it just stay there??? "Because you keep taking it back you aren't truly giving it to God". Wow huh. An ex friend says to me.... "Sometimes I want to just shake you and tell you to stop being that way and just let it go". Maybe she forgot the part where I told her it went on for about 15yrs and im only 33. Then she says that she use to be like me(she has had some abuse as well) b
  2. Hi and welcome. Sorry about what bought you here. YOu have found a great supportive place. I'm a newbie also and in just a few very few days I've found lots of support here.
  3. Looking forward to getting to know you. Glad you decided to join. Tons of support here.
  4. Congratz on the new baby. Looking forward to getting to know you. I am still a newbie myself and have found lots of support here. You'll love it.
  5. WB newbie here just wishing you a nice Welcome Back!! Looking forward to getting to know you.
  6. MissTrinity


    Hi Juno and welcome. I'm pretty new too and can tell you this is the best place. I'm sorry for what bought you here but I'm glad you joined
  7. Hi and welcome looking forward to getting to know you. I myself am new also. Seems like a great place so far.
  8. Hi and welcome! I am new myself. Glad you joined and you will soon find out your not alone looking forward to getting to know you.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm 33yr old african american/portuguese woman. And a stay at home mom of 4. Looking for a supportive community on my journey of healing. Its nice to be around others with similarities I think. More understanding that way. I've been seperated for 3yrs. And just been on this journey for sometime. I don't have many around me that understand me so I looked online(since im home the majority of the time). Right now I'm just looking around and familiarizing myself with the boards. Looking forward to getting to know all of you and you all getting to know me : )
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