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  1. So i feel like a newbie again because i can't even remember the last time i've posted. It's been an up and down battle and i'm so exhausted. Since i've last posted i quit my job, moved back home and went back to school full time. I was in the hospital twice for pneumonia and a hernia...all i contribute to stress. My therapy has been amazing though. i've gotten a few memories. not relating to the abuse but how i handled it. It's been disturbing and heartbreaking. i'm constantly grieving for the childhood i could of had but lost because of the abuse. So, in trying to make something good out o
  2. Hello! My name is melinda and I just turned 21 years old. I recently i have stepped into a new phase of my therapy and memories when i was a child are starting to surface. It's just really hard to go through all of this and no one really understand what i'm going through I really do hope to find support here but this healing process is so exhausting and drainging... I feel very alone in this though i know i'm not... i'm excited to get to know everyone take care melinda
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