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  1. Hello Jess Welcome to AS. Don't worry about feeling unsure at first. Take your time and you will soon make some new friends here. It is a safe and supportive place. I'm glad you are here. S x
  2. ((((Hello)))) I am so sorry for the tragedy that has touched the lives of you and your children. You sound like a wonderful and protective mother. I am sure your children will one day seek extra support, it takes time to acknowledge the enormity of what has happend. Please feel free to take the support on offer here at AS and share when you feel safe enough to do so. Best wishes and safe hugs for all of you S x
  3. Hello Gem Welcome to AS, I am so sorry about what happend to you. But I'm also glad you took a look around and felt safe enough to join up. S x
  4. Hello and a warm welcome to AS
  5. Hello Samaki Welcome to AS, this is a safe and supportive place, I hope you will feel as comfortable and cared as I do. Looking forward to getting to know you
  6. Hi and Welcome to AS. Take your time and post when you feel able to, there is no pressure here, just lots of support and kindness and understanding....I'm glad you're here. X
  7. Hi Amy Welcome to AS. Glad you felt able to make that first post..well done!
  8. Hello Leigh welcome to AS. I hope you find support and friendship here it is a safe and understanding place.
  9. Hello Val and a warm Welcome to AS hope you find it safe and supportive XX
  10. Hi Judy Welcome to AS. Glad you're here. It's a good place....I hope you find it as supportive and healing as I do. xxxx
  11. Hi Claire Just want to say hello and welcome to AS I'm fairly new too but I think it's a safe and supportive place hope you find it to be also
  12. lonley girl


    Hello and Welcome to AS
  13. Hello Fiona Glad you plucked up the courage to come on to AS I know it's not easy.Welcome
  14. lonley girl


    Hi Claire Welcome to AS, I'm newish too I think this a really safe and supportive place, hope you find it to be too. x
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