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  1. Welcome Val. I hope you find freedom in here
  2. Welcome. Hope you find some friends and answers here
  3. Welcome Princess. I Love your name!
  4. Welcome. This place is great. I am fairly new aswell
  5. Welcome Yeh, pretty much was said. If you feel shame, guilt or any emotion coz of sexual abuse which is by touch, penetration,visial (Made to watch a person masturbate, Forced to watch porn) Verbally, and the list goes on. Then this is a community for you. They are really great here
  6. I don't mind hugz to the side.
  7. It prolly says somewhere here but I havent read the whole board yet. Anyhoo, is this forum just for girls?
  8. Patience is one of my bestest friends. She helped me find this place thus joining herself.
  9. Thanx for the welcomes. And I love hugs, just not from my Mum, creepy old guys and men with hidden agendas. I feel comforatble here. Thankyou
  10. Thanx It is kinda scary being a newbee and telling a bunch of ppl you don't kn0w personal stuff. I guess I have comfort in knowing that ya'll know the pain.
  11. Hi from Australia. I am PinkHippo, 27, F, from Australia. I was sexually abused when I was 9 by a family friend, and sexually abused at 9,10 and 11 by my Uncle. I thought I had dealt with all that but recently a skeleton has popped out of the closet. I am having flash baks of being sexually abused by my mother, now signs have always pointed to this but I didn't realise it. So I dunno really why I am here, for advcie, support and maybe knowing I am not alone on this??? Anyhoo, Hey!
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