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  1. tayssa


    Hey Tally. Welcome to AS!!!!
  2. Welcome to AS. I know the feeling about wanting to push it all away and not deal with it, but it keeps creeping up into our heads and life, and there comes a point unfortunately where we do have to face it and deal with it. Hope you find comfort and support here like I have.
  3. Welcome tears. I'm not used to talking about what happened either, but I do OK at talking about the effects of the abuse, which is what a lot of the topics are about. Just take your time, learn your way around and talk when you are comfortable.
  4. Welcome to AS. There is a topic board on Addictions, might be worth having a look there and posting a topic.
  5. Welcome to AS. Sorry you have a reason to be here, but I'm glad you found us. Congrats on your pregnancy, and congrats on wanting to be the best you can for him.
  6. tayssa

    New Here

    WOW I can't believe how welcoming everyone is THANKS!!!!! Also I realised I said I was 22, must of been a typo cos I'm actually 21. Don't know how I missed that. Thanks for all your encouragement. John, thanks for that tip. I am already seeing a counsellor, but I have to pay for her, and it's a struggle living off centrelink and paying for a counsellor, so might check that sight out. Thanks again for the warm welcomes. Tayssa
  7. tayssa

    New Here

    Hi This is a BIG first for me... joining something like this. I'm pretty freaked out actually. But I really want to get my life right again, and if this will help then I will give it a go. I'm 22, at university and live in Australia. I love animals, and travel and wish I had enough money to travel the world. So not too sure what else to say, or what happens from here. Tayssa
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