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  1. Was Here, Then I Lost Ya, Now I'm Back

    thank you all so much what a lovely welcome back. xxkxx
  2. Was Here, Then I Lost Ya, Now I'm Back

    awww thanks. can't wait to get back into reading and replying. xxkxx
  3. hey there, I'm kyah, was here for a moment some time ago, don't even remember when, I think I posted a hello, but then my computer went on the blink and all my web address were a little lost. found the link out of no where and saw it as a sign because my abuse issues are getting intense as I am in therapy and since 2 weeks ago have huge flash backs at even looking at my son... something that upsets me greatly. anyways, nice to be back, anything anyone wants to ask, feel free, I'm 36, single mummy of 2 lads. xxkxx
  4. You Guess It, I Am New Here.

    thank you all so much for such a wonderful welcome, means a lot. hugs to all.
  5. You Guess It, I Am New Here.

    hey there, I go by the name Ally or Izzy, thought I better introduce myself before I become a lurker and I hate to do that. so I'll jump right in. I am 36, divorced mother of 2 preteen boys, they are my life, and yes, at times they are all I live for. The beginning of my abuse started when I was two, and continued from grandfather til I was 14 when he died *spit on his grave* my brother abused me also, though it was more like torture. as a teen I was raped twise. Most things I have blacked out and through learning to survive have many individuals inside who help us carry on. things can get hard, I'm in therapy, finally found a gem, been with her for just over a year now. Tis a miracle, as I use to do the 6th appointment dash. I have had an ED since 14years old. so we are a mixed bag here. probably babbled on enough. this site looks lovely. Izzy