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    I love nature, science fiction, reading, quiet relaxing music, and just chilling and talking with friends.

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  1. I just found After Silence and I so very thankful!
  2. To me, "after silence," means that after years and years of abuse that I can begin to release the words and feelings that I had to hide for years in order to survive.
  3. I'm in college and have been working on a huge essay due in two weeks. <-the way my eyes look right now
  4. hi dreamer1, I joined last night. I'll sit down and watch with you
  5. Samantha, that a good idea! tks
  6. Hi all. I am a newbie. I signed up last night. I hope to get to know everyone. I am a bit nervous about sharing details so I might just read for a while. I hope that's okay.
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