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  1. I have people, even family members, ask me what did my husband do about me being raped and why isnt he in jail for killing the SOB..................I tell them because my husband loves me more than he hates the abuser and he knows he cant help me from jail. Red
  2. one friend asked if I was sure I wasnt having a flash back to the last time I was raped a cousin actually took a step back away from me like she was physically repulsed or afraid the rape would rub off on her. and a detective suggested that next time I go to the police sooner and try to save as much evidence as I can............................Like I plan on getting raped again ?????!!!!!!!! But the worst by far was by my best friend who was the wife of the rapist........"you only said no because you knew it turned him on, youre nothing but trailor trash and always will be" (obviously not
  3. red70


    Hi, Ive been trying to find a place to talk that I didnt feel like I was being judged or ignored. My husband suggested looking for survivor chat rooms of this kind. Im so glad I took his advice. Im a stay at home mom that almost out of a job, a product of rape, and a victim trying to learn how to survive. I hope I dont offend anyone. Red
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