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  1. What Did You Do For You Today?

    I hung out in the book store for a few hours... and I put blueberries in my salad today, it was pretty tasty.
  2. Hello From Texas..

    Hello out there.. My name is Mary. I'm 23 now, I live in Texas. I'm hoping to make positive changes in my life. I recently read this paragraph in a book, and I was shocked that it hadn't occurred to be before: "All coping mechanisms have an inherent logic and serve an important function. Underlying each coping mechanism is a need. If you discard a coping mechanism without finding another way to understand and meet the underlying need, the change won't last. Therefore you have to identify the need before you can effectively replace a self-destructive coping pattern with a healthier one. It is not enough to go 'cold turkey' on your coping mechanisms. Approach these changes slowly, with love for yourself and respect for your needs, so you can make changes that will last." -The Courage to Heal Workbook, Laura Davis It never occurred to me that things like anorexia, drinking, Ambien, excessive sleeping or insomnia could be replaced with POSITIVE coping mechanisms.. and have real, lasting benefits! Why has no therapist ever expressed something so simple and so true to me?!?! I hope that I can find support from people in this forum, and that I might find some advice about finding a qualified therapist - someone with a strong educational background that also has years of experience.. and isn't a jerk. Haha. I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time healing and helping others. -Mary