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  1. First of all.. Welcome! I'm sorry that the past feels like it's catching up with you right now. I believe if you keep committed to dealing with it and as you stated, quit running from it that you can receive healing a little bit at a time. It's a hard thing to do, that's why we're all here, to support each other and encourage each other when it gets tough. I hope you feel at home here soon and find the support you need.
  2. Thank you everyone. I am going to work hard at opening up more this time. It is nice to know that people can relate and understand. I appreciate everyone here.
  3. I thought I should re-introduce myself since it's now been several months since I've posted anything. Life seemed to be going great again and then recently the flashbacks have returned. I can't seem to shake them, I'm waking up at night terrified and having dreams leaving me sick to my stomache. So here I am again.. in need of support ...I guess that's it for now.
  4. I don't know if I can tell you it goes away but dealing with the scars it left behind can make things easier. I can hear the hurt in what you wrote and I want you to know you are not alone. Warm welcome.. I hope you feel at home soon. Remember that nothing is insignificant and you are never aone. Jenny (Memoriesfadeaway)
  5. Welcome Donna, I'm sorry for what brought you (all of us) here but I want to wish you a warm welcome and let you know that this is a great group of people. You are not alone.. the more you read and get involved I hope you feel at home. When ever you need to talk, scream or cry feel free! Jenny (Memoriesfadeaway)
  6. Welcome! I'm sorry for what brought you here but I hope you find yourself feeling at home here soon. It is a very supportive environment and we are all here to listen when ever you are ready.
  7. Hello and a warm welcome! I hope that you feel at home here sooner rather than later. I found it easier just to read at first and post when ever your ready. It's a great group of people.. take care and once again WELCOME!!!
  8. Welcome to AS, I hope you feel at home here soon. It really is a caring community with people who are not judgemental but want you to recover and live life in a positive way. Keep posting and reading...
  9. I'm glad you are ready to open up to people. I hope you feel at home soon here in AS.
  10. Welcome to AS, I'm sure you will feel the support that is here for you soon. Everyone is willing to encourage and be supportive here.
  11. My parents both said to me, "You know if you had made better choices back then you would have never met those people." "If you had just listened to us, we wouldn't have had to kick out of the house and it would have never happened" AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.. all I wanted back then was to be heard or for someone to care. It never happened.. I moved on.
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