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    Reading, I read far too much, but it helps keep my mind occupied! I love history and I'm lucky enough to work in that field. I love old films, musicals and comedies.

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  1. Dear Little Me, Wee Emma, I don't know if I ever told you how proud I am of you for telling Frances and Catherine. They did go to him and tell him to stop and it really isn't your fault that he didn't and when they shout at big Emma, that's their guilt. When Catherine said you were a spoilt brat & deserved all you got, she was drunk which is no excuse but had nothing to do with you, you definitely were not a spoilt brat. You by the way are bloody amazing. Who was it that stopped him? You that's who, you outsmarted him, never forget that and just because everybody tells you that big Emma is so like her mummy, that doesn't mean that big Emma will have the same bad judgement in men and I think it's time to trust her - she'll need your help though. Oh and thank you so much for making Big Emma wear the Minnie Mouse Ears around Disney and home to Belfast she loved it. Love you always to the moon and back xxx oh wow that was really cathartic - thank you for this thread.
  2. When I was upset my mother said "What's wrong with you now? Is it about that old sh*t again". (She's still with my stepfather) A colleague in work "We don't have depression in South Africa, we have this thing called 'getting over it'" Just a random comment at uni a friend told me what a mutual acquaintance, who I know didn't like me, said - "she's making it (the abuse) up. If it really happened she wouldn't talk about it or be in contact with her family" - my response now is "1. Not talking is damaging, 2. He stole my childhood, I'm not losing my family too." I was so low at the time my thought was what kind of person does she think I am, what have I done to give her such a low opinion of me that she thinks I'd make it up?
  3. lampathy


    I wish you could all see me I'm sitting in bed with a huge smile on my face! Thank you.
  4. lampathy


    Hi, although I knew I wasn't alone I didn't realise there was somewhere anonymous where I could talk. Just from reading other posts I already feel calmer. Of course I'm scared and reading the stories of others who have been brave enough to share their experiences help. It's nice to know that when I'm having a bad day I can visit with you all and not feel alone or misunderstood. More importantly I'm not to be ashamed or think of myself as a victim. I am a survivor!
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