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  1. Jessie


    Hey Anita...welcome to AS.
  2. Welcome to After Silence
  3. Welcome to AS Blurriedies
  4. Jessie


    Hi Munchie...welcome to After Silence
  5. Welcome to AS Willingness
  6. Hi and welcome to AS. Look forward to getting to know you better.
  7. Jessie


    Hi Selena..welcome to After Silence. Glad you found us. AS is a wonderful place full of people who understand what your going through. As Dawn said your story does matter. Take your time and find your feet and know we are here to listen and support whenever we can.
  8. Hi Krystle, welcome to AS. I'm sorry for everything your dealing with. I hope by being here and talking to others who understand will help you a little. Once you have made ten or more posts you should have no problems accessing the chat room. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi Aimee...welcome to After Silence.
  10. Welcome to After Silence.
  11. Hi Snowy..welcome to AS.
  12. Welcome to After Silence. Nice to have you here.
  13. Welcome to After Silence quiet
  14. Hi Ruthy..welcome to After Silence.
  15. Hi Nicoll..welcome to After Silence
  16. Hi Kiwi, Welcome to After Silence.
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