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  1. Hi Balina..welcome to AS. Glad to have you with us.
  2. Hey Ali..welcome to After Silence. I can relate to so much of what you said. The past three and a half years all I've done is push people away. With the help of a wonderful therapist I'm slowly working through these issues. I think volunteering on a hotline is a wonderful thing to do. Just take care of yourself in the process. Look forward to getting to know you.
  3. Hi Candace..welcome to AS. Feel free to lean on us for support anytime you ever feel the need. Agreed.
  4. Hi and welcome to After Silence.
  5. Hi and welcome to AS. Glad you found us
  6. Welcome back Alyssa..nice to see you around again.
  7. Hi Hazel...welcome to After Silence.
  8. Welcome back Sammy, Nice to see you around again.
  9. Jessie

    New Here

    Hi Koko...welcome to AS
  10. Hi Eileen...welcome to After Silence.
  11. Welcome to AS Livinhope. I remember when I first found AS I couldn't believe it either and I too was really scared. But I promise you you've found a wonderful group here and I know you'll grow to love this place as much as we all do. Take your time and get comfy round here. I'm glad you found us.
  12. Hi Courtney...welcome to After Silence.
  13. Hi Nicole...welcome to AS. I'm glad you've decided to talk and get help with this. It's so hard to try deal with it alone. I'm sorry your dealing with nightmares...I understand how difficult they are. We are here to listen anytime. Take care
  14. Hi Daney...welcome to AS.
  15. Jessie


    Hi Foxy..welcome to AS
  16. Welcome back Saz...I'm glad to see you back and reaching out for support although I'm sorry to hear your struggling. Hope we can help you out. We missed you.
  17. Hi Maggs, Welcome to AS.
  18. Jessie


    Welcome to AS Rain.
  19. Welcome to After Silence.
  20. Hi rosefromheaven welcome to AS. The first post is always the hardest but you did it so be proud. Just take your time and get comfy round here and know we are here for you.
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