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  1. Hi Biggestfoot, Thank you for your suggestion, I think it's a lovely idea. I'll bring it to the other moderators and get some opinions.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for us Karen, where would we be without you
  3. Hey Teazle, It's to do with your IP address changing, the cookies created are no longer valid so you get this error message. As Karen said, if you logout, go in and clear the cache cookies and all offfline files and log back in, it should work.
  4. Hi Dark Angel, If you pm with the details of the topic, I will delete it for you
  5. Hi Becky, I think it's something to do with your IP address changing, the cookies created are no longer valid so you get this error message. if you logout, go in and clear the cache cookies and all offfline files and log back in, it should work.
  6. Hello everyone, It has come to our attention that there seems to be some posts, being posted, and then later deleted. We kindly ask you not to make a habit of doing this. We understand that sometimes you may post and later feel the need to remove it. It is okay to do it occasionally, but posting knowing that you will probably delete the post in a few days is not encouraged. This is out of respect for the members who take the time to read your posts and reply. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to pm me. Thank you!
  7. Hey Karen, I think this post should answer your question...it is some kind of "bug" in the board. I think Vera is waiting on a patch to be sent down by Invision. http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=23826
  8. Hi Karen, Can you see the emotions....or is it just text? You can knock the emotions off in your controls, and board settings. It gives the option of"Do you wish to view images in posts, such as smilies and posted images" If you select "Yes" it will turn them on...just make sure "yes" is selected here.... If you can actually see the emotions but they are not moving....I'm not sure ..have you tried logging out of AS and shutting down your computer and doing a re-booth? Give this a shot and if that doesn't work let me know.....
  9. Hi Afireinside, We only make the decision to close a thread if we feel it is causing negativity or conflict here. Sometimes discussions with alot of different opinions become heated, and to avoid arguments or upset we would close a thread. If it's one of your threads, and you'd like us to close it, you can contact anyone of the moderating team, and like fuerza said, we'll review it and make a decision then. Hope this helps....
  10. Hi WW, I've tried it there and it worked fine for me... What type of file are you trying to upload? The board doesn't allow gif files as far as I know so if it's a gif change it to a jpeg. Also what size is the file? Could it be that the attachment is too big maybe?
  11. Hi Haullie, Since we have a forum to discuss books etc I thought it would sit better in there. I think if someone was new to AS and was looking for a book to help them they'd go that forum.
  12. Hi Mari Welcome to AS.....Thank you for your words of encouragement, It's always nice to read posts like this one....Look forward to seeing you around more.....Happy New Year to you too...
  13. Hi Cliffwalker, Welcome to AS. Talking to others who truly understand has helped me immensely and I'm sure it will be the same for you. Glad you found us.
  14. Hi and welcome to AS. Posting for the first time can be really difficult, I was shaking the first time I did. But I promise you once you get past the first post it gets so much easier and before long you'll have made lots of friends here who can relate to you and truly understand what you're going through. Glad you found us.
  15. Hi Jens...welcome to AS. Look forward to getting to know you.
  16. Welcome back Kelly. It's nice to have you back.
  17. Welcome back hun...nice to see you here again.
  18. Hey Tulula, welcome to AS. Glad you decided to post. Look forward to getting to know you.
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