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  1. Hi angelinside sorry you have to be here but I hope you find it helps you. Jess
  2. Hi tracey welcome you mentioned you were looking for a good support group well you've definately come to the right place> Hope you find it as useful as I do jess
  3. Jessie

    Very Nervous

    Hi Natisha...sorry you have to be here but I'm sure you will find this site really useful. Jess
  4. Jessie


    welcome to the board Jess
  5. welcome Msleigh I only found this site last week and its been such a help for me and i'm sure it will be the same for you
  6. Hi Ivy Sorry you have to be here but I'm sure you will find it really helps. Jess
  7. Jessie

    Hi-new Here

    Hi nita sorry you have to be here. I'm fairly new here myself but you ll find everyone here is extremely helpful. welcome!! Jess
  8. Hiya I'm new here to and have found this site extremely useful so I'm sure you will to. Sorry you have to be here but think you are very brave for sharing your story. I haven't been able to yet but I hope like you I will be able to eventually. Luv Jess xx
  9. just wanna say thank you to you all for your kind replies. I'm not shaking as much today but still need a bit of time to find my feet. I find it quite difficult to read some of the stuff in here..but at the same time its really comforting to know i am not going mad and the way I'm feeling is normal. I have been considering counselling for the past couple of weeks but am gonna give it a go in here first. Not sure if I can type what happened but I know I definately cannot talk about it yet. I have just split with my boyfriend and I know if I don't get help soon Its going to destroy every relatio
  10. Have only found this site recently....god I'm shaking writing this...anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone not ready to go into any detail yet but I think you are all extremely brave and its good to know that you're all here. I have never spoken about it and have tried to deal with it for the past two and a half years but its just so hard.....am gonna stop now cause its too difficult at the min... anyway good to know you are all here!!!! will be back tomorrow!!! Thanks
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