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  1. Hi Cooper,


    Ran into you once in the chat room, thought I'd say hi more throughly.

    I understand how it can be with external issues pushing one to confront the past. That is part of where I am.

    Let me know if I can be of help.


  2. I'm glad to hear that you have someone supportive in your life that is offering what help they can.

    It is a very useful thing. Just remember that sometimes it can be frustrating for them since they want to help, but can't. They may frustrate you with their attempts to help, but it only because they care.


  3. I've got the beta version and I just restarted my computer and everything works fine now, thanks both of you!

    And karen, to take a screen shot you press

    Fn and Prnt Scrn and it takes a shot of what you are looking at and then you can paste it into a word document or an email.

    If you don't understand, ask someone else cos i'm not very good at explaining stuff like that!

    I've had problems sometimes with Firefox updates. It was my firewall. It worked correctly if I deleted my firewall rule for FF and recreated it, nothing else did.


  4. Thanks for all of the words of support.

    I've been dealing with some parts of things for awhile, but newer bits have come in lately. And I also believe that I've gotten to a new place in things. I'm trying to feel out what I need to accept and act on to move on farther.



  5. I'm in my late 30s and am working through things that happened to me when I was 12-13.

    I was coerced and then forced into sexual acts with an older teen male.

    The more I work on things the more things come out. And also the more questions I have about how much of who I am (particularly sexually) stems from this.

    My main problems revolve around self-esteem/assertiveness issues and comfortableness with sexuality.


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