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  1. Thank you, just being here has made me feel better. I can breath better. I'm going to sleep and will be back tomorrow. It feels good to breath.
  2. thank you so much. I can't identify with anyone. I feel that you have to know what I went through. People who love you try to help, but they don't understand. I thankful for support, but more thankful for this forum. They think I might have been given something in my drink. The blank parts are what scare me most. Then I think did I do something to have this happen. I'm a nice person who get along with all people. When he came in the shower I just thought he was bringing towels, or there was something wrong with the tub. It feels so unreal now. I'm glad that I kept it together for the last days of our trip, but I now don't know how I did it. It started to sink in when I started to see the bruises on my leg. That's a rough one. My husband was very quiet, but he always is. I am just numb now. thank you again
  3. I'm new,and was on vacation 2 weeks ago, and a man came into my shower and took me out. I got him off before he could go any further, I think, but pretty much sure. I called my friend in the states, I don't know how I did it, I had to tell my husband, short story they had to sedate me because I was so upset. I couldn't get a good description, and my mind is full of blanks. The resort couldn't do anything, and the local police came, and said that if I filled out a report I couldn't leave the island till the case was closed. They moved us to another building and had security on us for the rest of the days. I think I must have been in shock, I made the rest of the vacation with moments of tears, but for the most part I tried to enjoy it with my two children and husband. I am here now, and it's starting to sink in. I go from sad and crying to mad. I called the Raiin hotline, and was put on hold 3 times because the counselor was manning the front desk and taking all incoming calls. After the 3rd time I hung up and cried. This is how I came to find this forum. I think I understand my feelings, but just glad to have someone who has been through a similar thing to talk with.
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