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  1. I kind of bounce between acceptance and denial too. yesterday was my FIRST night of acceptance, before that i was sure it hadn't happened at all. THen my boyfriend was like, "HE RAPED YOU" and I just cried and cried and realized he was right..that I couldn't just act like nothing had happened anymore, but today, I feel again, like it wasn't real and really I'd prefer it not have been.
  2. I cleaned the kitchen. And while that probably doesn' sound all that great, I haven't been neglecting doing stuff lately so I'm pretty happy I got it done.
  3. This sounds like something for people to do after they've come far from where they were when this stuff first happened. I was just date raped last week. but I will try Dear alicia: Try and keep a regular routine. Don't sleep all day and don't rely on klonopin to keep you numb. Wake up everyday and remember there is more to you than what he took away. Much more. --Alicia. (sorry that's all I could manage.) I will try again later when I've come further from where I am now. It's all so close.
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