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    ecuador (its this tiny little country in south america)
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    reading, sports, music, art, taking naps, hanging with friends.

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  1. hey there, im glad you joined. i hope you find the forums helpfull. welcome to AS -becky lynn
  2. hey! welcome! i hope you are able to open and trust ppl here. becky lynn
  3. beckylynn


    hi, im new too. i know exactly what you mean. we are in the same boat. i hope you are able to trust ppl here. pm me if you want to ok? i would love to get to know you.... -becky lynn
  4. hi! im glad you have decided to take the step of posting. i know it takes courage. i hope you have found what you have read to be comforting and or helpful, pm me if you want to... i would love to get to know you. -becky lynn
  5. hi and welcome, im glad you are here. i dont think your doughters realize you are trying to protect them from your past. it isnt wrong to be cautious. i hope you find lots of comfort here. -becky lynn
  6. hey there, welcome to AS. im sorry for the pain you have been through, we are here to help each other through it. im sure you are a wonderful mother, never stop loving those girls, they are blessings, no matter what. -becky lynn
  7. hi, you dont know me, but i think its awesome that you came back. im sorry about the MS... that sucks..... if there is anything i can do let me know, or pm if you want. becky lynn
  8. hey, welcome to! i hope you find support here, im glad you joined, im new too, but i really like it here... -becky lynn
  9. Hello everyone.... im new here... stumbled across this site and i think its truly amazing! like wow! i felt so alone... like no one else would know what i feel like. im a survivor of sexual abuse, and its comforting that im not alone, although i wish for your sakes that i was.... this is such an awesome comunity. oh, i suppose i aught to indtroduce myself... my name is Becky lynn, im 15 and i live in Ecuador which is in south america....
  10. hey, im glad you found this site, and im glad i found it too. i hope you find healing here. -becky lynn
  11. hey there, im new too.... join the club.... -becky lynn
  12. hey, welcome to AS. i hope you find lots of support here. -becky lynn
  13. hey there! welcome to AS... im new too. but im liking it here a lot. ppl are honest and sweet. i hope you like it here too. - becky lynn
  14. hey, i know the feeling of being dead yet breathing. the memories dont die. i know that too. i hope you will find healing. and i hope you will learn to love you for you. -becky lynn
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