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  1. I'm new to being a survivor and reading what you had to say has helped me to look at the pain I've been through in the last 9 months in a whole new way. Thanks so much for saying all that. I might have to read it once in a while as a reminder that my hurt is nothing to take lightly because so often I try and force myself to heal because I should be able to get over this. I need to change that way of thinking and this has helped. Thanks again and again.
  2. Welcome Tayessa I'm glad you found AS, but sorry you have a reason to be here. I hope that you find support you need. I know I have. Take all the time you need to say anything you need. Everyone is great!
  3. Hi Dreamhaze. Welcome...you came to a good place
  4. Welcome Cheryl I think you will find support here. -Kari Jo
  5. Welcome I'm glad you are here looking for support, but I am so sorry that you have to be. I'm sorry that happened to you. You are so strong for getting through the vacation with your family. Keep reaching out for the support you need. People here are great. -Kari Jo
  6. Hi Carmello I'm new here to. I hope that you are able to find people who understand. I have found that to be true of people here. mostly I've needed to be reminded that it isn't my fault, and I have gotten that here. You are not alone in this. Welcome
  7. I'll just start by saying who I am... my name is Kari Jo I'm 22 years old I've been feeling pretty alone in this struggle. I don't even know what else to say now.
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