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  1. Just recently from my Aunt whom I'm currently living with. In reference to being in a triggering situation at her house. After sharing this trigger with her- my Aunt's response was: "Oooh it couldn't have been that bad. You now see what I go through.." My actual response: "Possibly, but your situation isn't about sexual abuse but living with an alcoholic who only drinks on the weekend. I, however, have been r*ped and look out for my safety. I'm sorry you don't fully understand how much triggers actually impact me." Aunt: "I'm sorry your overemotional and overreacting over a little expe
  2. Welcome to AS Wednesday! (LOVE your name) You know, you could always try and combine counseling into journaling. I'm pretty sure they may possibly have something for that. It's nice to meet you though. Hope to see you around the board. ♥, Sadie
  3. Hello there aloneandbroken- Welcome to AfterSilence. I'm sorry for the way you're feeling right now. I know how it feels when you first join and there's all these threads and posts and other members. It does seem a little overwhelming, but don't fear- you'll get the hang of it over time. Don't worry about sharing your story right at this instant. It is all in your time- when you're ready to. Gosh, I didn't share mine until about my year in of AS. The place is there when you're ready. For right now, I'd like to point out other threads that may be a little more comfortable to post in. The
  4. Welcome back Jennie. You've absolutely been missed. You're right. I've found it quite overwhelming sometimes too, to set foot in AS. It just brings up a lot of stuff. But not to forget all the fun times and good memories- what is missed most, in my opinion. I'm glad to hear that things have gotten better. Hang in there, though dear. It'll get easier. Not sure when- but it will. Glad to have you back dear. ♥, Sadie
  5. Hey HelloKitty, You are more than welcomed here at AS. I'm sorry you've been feeling so upset lately. I hope, here, you'll be able to find the comfort and what you're searching. I find AS to be such a supportive site. We're always here to listen whenever you are up to. Take your time, hun. I wish you the best on your healing journey. Take gentle care. ♥, Sadie
  6. Awesome Scared1!! I bet that was fun! You so deserved it! I literally slept most of the day. Needed the rest!! Also, I took a break from my theater monologue and went for a nice loooooong walk up the road- experienced some new trails that I was too afraid to travel on before. It was SUCH an easyyyyy day, I had to record it in my calender. ;)
  7. Hello there Shido, I'd be right beside you trying to hitch that ride as well and maybe you'll find it here at AS. I can't promise anything, but from my experiences here- AS has been a very supportive place. They allow you to sit in the driver's seat if you need to and change the station on the radio if you'd like. They encourage crying and won't dare to drop you off in the middle road. When AS picks up someone, they drive them all the way. I'm sure we'd just like you the way you are. Truly, I'm sorry though for whatever may have brought you here. I wish you the best, though on this journe
  8. Hello there Deb, I'm sorry for all what you've been through. You're right! You deserve to be on the right path! I hope you find what you're looking for, dear. AS, I find to be, a very supportive sight with a lot of compassionate people. And everything is at your own pace as well- when you're ready. I'm glad you've been through counseling. It sounds like you have come so far on your journey of healing. I admire that. We're here whenever you like and hang in there! Take gentle care. ♥, Sadie
  9. Welcome to AS DingDong, Your words were beautifully, well written and I see that you have so much to say. Bless yourself, as well, dear. You're fighting from the beginning and you're here- which is an amazing step into your healing journey. I wish you the best and remember that we're all in this together. It's definitely a refreshing feeling to know that you're not alone and also to have others who truly understand. Take care. ♥, Sadie
  10. Hello there Willow, I'm so blessed you have come across your presence. I, too, tell myself to 'suck it up' when things get too tough or something...traumatic occurs in my life. I'd just like to let you know that you don't have to be strong for us. We're here for you and have your back all the way! 110% I apologize for all that you've went through and hope you find this board as much helpful as I do. There's a lot of support out here for ya. And I hope you find everyone to be just as understanding and considerate. Wish you the best on your healing journey and my inbox is always open. Tak
  11. Welcome to AS! Wow, a Network Administrator and a grandmother. So many blessings, huh? I definitely look forward to get to know you. Everything's at your own pace. ♥, Sadie
  12. It's good to have you back dear! I'm sure we've missed you. ♥, Sadie
  13. Sadient

    Kia Ora

    Welcome to AS, Monique! I'm glad you've found us and hp[e the best for you on your healing journey. And this is is very amazing. Hope you find everyone as supportive and compassionate as I do. Take gentle care of yourself and I'll see you around the board. ♥, Sadie
  14. Oh my little child- I have always shoved you away, but do not worry..I have not forgotten you. Allow yourself to be you and I won't be serious all the time. You are still there and I am still a child. Don't always hide away. It's okay to come and play. ♥, Sadie P.s~ For some reason, that made me feel really good inside, like that little spark of enlightenment or..hope.
  15. Hello Manic and welcome to AS. I'm so sorry for the reasons that may brought you here to AS, but I'm glad that you joined us. You're taking such a huge step in your healing journey and that was very brave of you to post your story. We are all here to listen dear. Take care and I wish you the best on y our way. Look forward to seeing you more around the boards. Remember, you're not alone. ♥, Sadie
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