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  1. loretta


    hello...i am new myself but i want to say WELCOME!!! everyone seem's so nice i'm sure we will both be blessed.
  2. thanks for the kind words...i am hopeing to get to know all of you, you all are wonderfull people that have touched my heart this last week...loretta
  3. For a week now i have been reading your post's. They feel me with pride knowing there is such a group of loving women.(guy's too) I got your web address from a soap opera site. A young lady that had been abused for years posted it. I thought i would check it out but when i started reading them i began to cry. I was thinking that was not their fault, they did not cause it. Then it hit me, it was not my fault either!! I have spent my life trying to forget what happened. I have always blamed myself. I have told noone about it. I can hardly think of it now. I just wanted to say hi...loretta
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