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  1. Hi Everyone , Ive been lurking for a while and think its time I introduce myself . Im a 45 yr old single mom of 2 beautiful children . My story began shortly after I lost my mom and a brother in March and Aug of 2005 . Shortly after losing my mom , my whole abusive pass surfaced and sent me in a tailspin . What I thought i had burried and forgotten came and now im having a really hard time dealling with it all . Ive been through 3 therapist , to which they all ended up leaving do to illness or other problem and so now I cant seem to bring myself there again , therefore , never had a real chance to heal in therapy . Im hoping to find comfort and support here and to be able to return that to others . Im a very shy woman and been silenced all of my life , therefore , not sure how well i will do here . Hope to get to know you all . Griefstricken
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