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  1. Hi and welcome to AS!!! I'm sorry for what you went through that brought you here but glad you found us.You are not alone here!!
  2. hI there and welcome to AS. Im sorry for what you went through that has brought you to us but glad you reached out and joined.This is a wonderful place of support comfort and validation.I look forward to getting to know you
  3. Hi Blossomgirl Welcome to AS.Im very sorry and angered for what you went through but glad your reaching out and getting some help.Please know you are not alone and this place is one of comfort support and validation.You are strong and inspiring!!!
  4. Hi Sarah, Welcome to AS! This is a great site for support understanding validation and care.You are not alone!!
  5. Graice


    Hi Jane and welcome to AS, This is a very terrific place of support kindness compassion validation and support.Im sorry for the trauma you went through that has brought you to us but glad you found us.
  6. Graice

    Hi :)

    HI Abbie and welcome to AS, I'm sorry you were traumatized but glad you found us.This is a place of support validation understanding and compassion.Were always here to listen and encourage.Theres no judging here.Your not alone
  7. Hi Suz and welcome to AS, I'm sorry for the trauma you went through that brought you to us but glad you found us.We are a wonderful group here supporting each other understanding each other and validating beach other.You are not alone here
  8. HI and welcome to AS. I'm sorry your in such turmoil but glad you found us.I understand and relate to your feelings all too well.Im a survivor of many types of abuse.I want you to know that you are strong and courageous and you will be supported here and validated here and you will come to know that your not alone.
  9. Hi Exhale and welcome to AS.I am also an incest survivor amongst many other abuses.Im glad you decided to post I know posting can be scarey but your amongst people who get it, people who will support you and people who will validate your experiences and feelings.Your very brave and courageous!!!
  10. Hi and welcome to AS You have come to a great place and I'm sorry you were traumatized by your boyfriend.We do believe you and were here to support you and validate you and let you know your not alone.Welcome to AS. take gentle care
  11. Graice


    Hi there and welcome to AS I'm sorry for what you went through but so glad your here with us amongst survivors and people who get it.Your not alone here.We are all healing together.
  12. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful welcomes.I appreciate you all
  13. Hello Everyone, My name is Graice and I was here a lot before and now I'm back.I came back last May but things were so hectic then and I was so busy with life and other things.I look forward to gertting to know you all and to giving and receiving support as we all continue on this journey together.I admire all of you and we are all very courageous survivors.I am at a point in my life now where I have a lot of down time and I thought of this place once again. Take care and thanks for being here AS
  14. I'm sorry about all the posts.my phone was being weird
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