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  1. Welcome Leslie I haven't been here that long, but I have found the most supportive people I could ever imagine. I hope we are able to help you Lindsey
  2. welcome patience i am sorry you have a reason to be here, but glad you found this site...it's been a great place for me...filled with great, caring people that are here for you no matter what.... i hope you can get sumthin from this site... lindsey
  3. welcome welcome welcome!! i think this site will help you a lot, i'm still fairly new here, but its already helped me a ton!! lindsey
  4. WELCOME!!!! this site has so many great people here to help support you if you ever need someone to tlak to one-on-one, my aol is hplessdreamer my e-mail is shortigrl2004@hotmail.com, or just look in my info! lindsey
  5. hello and welcome!! i am still pretty new to this site, but have found it to be such a warm and inviting place, full of people that understand and are going through the same things together... sorry that there's a reason for you to be here, but glad you found us lindsey
  6. Welcome! I'm still pretty new here as well, but I'm sure you'll be very happy you found us! Don't feel pressured to talk about anything until you're ready, we'll be here! Lindsey
  7. thanks everyone...i really feel like i'm finally ready to accept that this whole thing did happen to me, where i go from there i'm not totally sure..but thats why i came to this site i guess...
  8. hey all, i'm new...so still trying to figure this site out...just hoping to be able to talk to people about everything...i'm 18...my rape only happened a few months ago and i thought i could just forget about it, pretend it never happened and move on with my life...as long as i stayed busy and kept other things on my mind i was doing pretty good...but lately it hasn't been so easy...nightmares and flashbacks...i can't sleep...i get paranoid about stupid things...and i have him in a small class with me this semester which is really uncomfortable....ok well hopefully this will help some...if u
  9. hey all, i am new to this as well, i am 18 and was raped a few months ago and am just now being able to talk about it...i'm having a hard time with all of this and would love to be able to talk to people about it...please reply to my post, msg me on aim - my sn is hplessdreamer, or e-mail me at shortgirl2004@hotmail.com, that would be great....thanks
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