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    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the greetings and hope to gain support here.
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    I am not sure where you are in Oregon but there is an organization that might be able to assist you. It's called Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene, OR. Their phone number is 541-484-9791 business hours. They also have a crisis/support line available 24 hours a day. That number is 800-788-4727 or 541-343-7277. I would suggest calling them and maybe they would have a referral for your area. You can check out their website at www.sass-lane.org. They are the ones that gave me the information regarding this site.
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    I just joined your forum tonight. I am really nervous about being here but I know that I need to surround myself with support if I am ever to heal. Thanks for having this site available to us.
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